High School Sailing

One of few co-ed sports in High School athletics, high school sailing in Northern California is a vibrant and growing sport, with over fifty active high school teams competing in the NorCal League of the Pacific Coast Interscholastic Sailing Association (PCISA).

Throughout the school year, NorCal high school sailors have the opportunity to compete at local regattas, as well as in PCISA district-wide regattas up and down the west coast and Hawaii.

For information regarding the conduct of the NorCal League One-day and Two-day regattas, please see the following links:
2016/17 NorCal High School Divisional Regattas Notice of Series
2016/17 NorCal High School One-Day Regattas Notice of Regattas
For all other information concerning high school sailing on the west coast (team registration info; league and district regatta schedules; regatta documents and results; etc), please refer to the PCISA website: